• <CaRML>: An open extensible markup language supporting a collection of extensible schema to facilitate structured machine communications and declarations about the carbon CO2e associated with all economic activity at the individual product and/or service level.
  • The <CaRML> extensible schema is user driven evolution extending as a framework, not being fully proscriptive of any one solution or interpretation.
  • <CaRML> will be transparent with machine readable CO2e signaling in order to accelerate reporting across supply chains, creating awareness of carbon and then enable efforts to mitigate and reduce CO2e to create new higher valued products and services, and with <CaRML> become more certain financially, reputationally and from regulatory reporting perspectives.
  • There is no <CaRML> schema end point solution. <CaRML> is extensible and designed such that a only subset of the schema need be implemented to be useful.
  • Early <CaRML> schemas to include shaping and input from the key stakeholders within the ecosystem and build on schemas and taxonomies in other areas that are already developed.